[The Landscape Painter…], unpublished manuscript, c. 1956

The manuscript probably dates from 1956 or so judging by some of the references it contains. If that is the case, then it is the last text of any length which Phillips left us. It is untitled, and the title provided is derived from the first words of the text. How the manuscript was to be published is unknown. The structure of the piece is fairly loose, and seems to offer Phillips the opportunity to talk about his love of nature and of sketching outdoors. It also provides a glimpse into how he conducted his landscape painting classes in Banff. The following is provided as a kind of table of contents for the piece. I have provided hyper-text links to the titled sections.



  1. [An Artist’s Life]
  2. The Sketching Season Opens
  3. Outfitting
  4. Return to Nature
  5. Banff
  6. The West Road
  7. Swans
  8. Third Lake [and Mount Rundle]
  9. Wild Animals
  10. Night
  11. Boulder Creek
  12. Edith, Louis and Fifi
  13. Green
  14. Rain
  15. Summer in the City
  16. Trees
  17. Scale
  18. Butterflies
  19. Skies
  20. The Rainbow
  21. Interlude
  22. Waterfalls
  23. Johnson Canyon
  24. Sunrise
  25. Indian Days
  26. Simplification
  27. Water Colour vs Oil
  28. Parson Painters
  29. Surprise an Element of Beauty
  30. More Rain
  31. How to Look at Nature
  32. The Golden Mean
  33. The New Highway
  34. Sunshine
  35. Broken Colour
  36. The House-painter